Would you like to get a price estimate quickly ? Have you any idea where to turn to if you need a quick response ? Are you fed up with anonymous answer phone messages ?  In other words, if you are looking a professional and efficient way of working, you have come to the right address. 

At Double You Agency ©, we bend over backwards to be of assistance and will be with you at every step along the way to help you bring your plans to fruition.  Choosing us as a partner ensures that your request will be dealt with properly. 




1. Staff selection


Based on strict criteria, we select several candidates from the dozens of registration requests that we receive on a daily basis. We invite those selected for an interview led by one of our trilingual staff. 

Once someone is taken on, this person will be asked to take part in a training course with a view to raising awareness of his/her role and the type of behaviour expected. Any professional shortcoming will be penalised by simple removal from our database. 

Staff working for Double You © is multilingual, flexible and very mobile



2. Price quotations


If you need staff, let us know by email or by phone. As soon as we receive your request, a detailed price quotation will reach you within 24 hours. After approval of the offer, a project manager will contact you to obtain the latest important information for the correct selection of staff. This manager will be your sole point of contact. 

This will then be followed by matching up your request to our database. We then check the availability of all suitable candidates. 

We will only contact you to present the final team allowing you time to concentrate on other aspects of your event. If you wish to hold a casting session, the terms and conditions for this will be explained. 


3. Organisation


Thanks to our unique follow-up procedure, you do not have to worry about the presence of our teams:

BEFORE the operation: an SMS has to be sent to the agency or director as soon as possible on the day itself and on arrival at the location.  

DURING the operation: You are entitled to have Double You Agency hostesses present. Moreover, our project managers attend the various events on a very regular basis. 

AFTER the operation: due to our continuous concern for improvement, we encourage our clients to evaluate the quality of our services through a verbal or written debriefing.


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